Does insurance cover compulsive gambling treatment?

So, you or your loved ones are now ready to get help for pathological addiction, but not everyone can afford to pay for all the treatments you’ll need. Addiction services are quite expensive. Fortunately, lots of insurance plans cover treatment for problem gambling as part of mental health services. Most insurance plans include substance addictions such as drug and alcohol addiction, but not gambling, not problem gambling.

As we’ve rightly pointed out in our previous articles, compulsive gambling is just as dangerous as other addiction disorders. Thus, it is vital to access insurance coverage for gambling addiction treatment. If ignored, gambling usually gets worse and could spiral down to more devastating consequences.

How to know if you qualify for gambling treatment insurance

To know if you qualify for gambling treatment insurance, you need to meet one or more of the criteria we will be sharing below.

  • Your life revolves around gambling – if you continuously think about nothing but going to casinos or surfing through online gambling sites.
  • You are unable to stop gambling – your willpower towards gambling seems to be chiseled down.
  • When you’re always hiding your gambling activities.
  • You lie about your gambling activities.
  • When you feel irritable and restless during your gambling off-days, this often indicates withdrawal.
  • You experience dysfunction in your daily life, dysfunction in your job, personal growth.
  • You feel the need to spend more money on your gambling habits every day.
  • You can’t stop gambling even when there are clear signs of financial hardship. You don’t give a damn about the legal consequences caused by your gambling actions.

If you or your loved one is exhibiting any of these signs, you may be able to access the gambling treatment insurance in your region.

The Gambling Treatment Length covered by insurance

If you decide to get help and opt-in for gambling treatment insurance, what you’ll be wondering is how much treatment insurance will cover. It depends on the insurance provider you’ve gone for, as well as the nature of your gambling addiction. Gambling addiction is known to last for three months. Some insurance is known to pay for aftercare – That also covers repeat treatment as well.

Relatively speaking, gambling addiction is entirely new in the addiction world; the diagnosis is new; inpatients are compared to alcohol and drug-related addictions. However, in the last couple of years, gambling addiction has received a considerable amount of recognition. There is every likelihood that the policy you are offered will cover some treatment costs, if not all.

Your insurance company may only accept to cover a set length of time during your treatment. We recommend comprehensive insurance plans; they tend to cover the entire duration of time in treatment. However, there are many regular plans out there that may only cover your therapy sessions.

If you struggle with gambling addiction, there are varieties of treatment services available to you, these are:

  • Luxury or executive treatment centers.
  • Physician’s office or outpatient treatment center.
  • Impatient rehab facility.
  • Group counseling
  • Individual counseling.

Review the insurance policy to determine which services you qualify for and are covered by before seeking treatment via this path. Note that what we’ve highlighted here is just an overview of what insurance may cover. Obviously, different regions with different insurance policies. That is why you should consult your insurance provider. Contact us today, and we’ll help you verify the insurance coverage you can get.

Insurance for outpatient compulsive gambling treatment vs. inpatient

When you decide to help with your addiction, you may need to choose whether or not to get help from an inpatient or an outpatient program. Using outpatient program means you will be able to continue living at home while regularly attending therapeutic sessions for your addiction. But you need a change of scenery in order to achieve full recovery from your dependence.

Enroll in the inpatient program if you won’t be able to get past your addiction unless you change a few things about your daily routine. Residential centers allow you to get help while offering you the freedom to take a break from your regular life.

Covering what insurance won’t

Your insurance won’t cover all your gambling addiction treatment. In fact, it will also limit the length of your gambling addiction treatment. If you wish to include those minor things your insurance won’t cover, here is how.

When you don’t have these sorts of insurance, there is the possibility of getting help in some other ways. There are lots of treatment programs out there that offer client payment or a different financial alternative to what you’ve got from an insurance company.

Specialty treatment centers

It’s no breaking news the fact that progressive addiction may get worse if ignored. Gambling may be made pandemic when left untreated. To make sure that it doesn’t get worse and stop the unhealthy habit, you need specialized treatment.

There are different specialty treatment centers in your country willing to offer you their specialized gambling addiction treatment. These are exclusive treatments provided through a wide range of top-notch amenities such as luxury suites. You also get luxury services too. The insurance plan you’ve chosen may cover the cost of some of the facilities and services offered by these specialty treatment centers.

Your insurance company may only cover a set-length, insurance provider dictates the length, one other thing that determines this is your gambling addiction diagnosis.

At the end of it all, you might want to find out the treatments your insurance company is willing to offer you. They should be able to cover most of the addiction treatment. We’ll help you find the treatment service you need. You can also check for their availability in the region where you reside. Make sure you go for the best, that should go without saying. We are ready to offer our helping hands, all you have to do is contact us today, and we’ll help.